printmaking equipment from SCHWEDE L.L.C. 
designed by Mark Johnson and Matt Schwede

Best Christmas gift ever. I have a feeling I am going to enjoy teaching intaglio a heckuva lot more now.

Ahni Kruger, Instructor 
Drew University, Madison, NJ 

The box is working great! I can see a huge improvement in my students work. Thanks!

Derek Cracco
Associate Professor of Art, University of Alabama at Birmingham 

We're loving it.  The printmakers in Cleveland are in heaven.  Great product. We plan to hold a spit bite workshop in the beginning of May in honor of the new box.

Hats off!

Christi Birchfield
Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH 

I am in love with the aquatint box and the rich velvety black we are achieving with almost no effort.

Tamara Benoit, Technician
Georgian College, Ontario Canada 

The ABM has revolutionized and revitalized the aquatint process in the shop. It’s manufactured for a commonly used plate size making it more efficient. Students, artists and Master Printers alike are now all getting a consistent and even plate coating. The motorized propeller removes the guesswork associated with a hand crank, which makes it an easier technique to teach in the classroom. The most dynamic element though is seeing everyone excited to add the aquatint process to their prints now that they have a rosin box that doesn’t leak powder. 

Gregory Santos, Shop Manager 
LeRoy Neiman Center For Print Studies  
Columbia University, NY 

We are very happy with our aquatint box, and I especially love how it doesn't leak rosin all over the print shop! 

Gesine Janzen, Associate Professor of Art, Head of Printmaking
Montana State Universit

Just pulled the first plate from the box...Perfect! 

Ben Evans, Lab Area Supervisor 
UCLA Department of Ar

Our new aquatint box makes it a much safer environment for our students, as it is leakproof. It is easy to use with the simple on-off switch. We have found the tones produced with the box to be even and consistent. 

Sheri Hancock-Tomek, Studio Manager
Two Rivers Printmaking Studio, White River Junction, VT

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